Applications are invited for the 2018 BORS/BJR International Travelling Research Fellowships for Young Investigators

Objective:  Following the initiation in 2007 of the very popular international Travelling Fellowships Scheme for Young Investigators, the Executive Committee has approved this scheme for 2018.  

The fellowship is as a vital component of the Societies twin objectives of:

•    Promoting education,
•    Increasing research opportunities for our younger members.

The Scheme involves close collaboration with a number of international centres of excellence in musculoskeletal research and will coincide with the ORS meeting in New Orleans in March 2018.

The Travel Plan:  The fellowship has been modified since 2007, but it will be a 3 to 4 week fellowship, with approximately 3-6 days at each research unit.

The 2018 fellowship will be based in centres in the North America

The Fellows:  Four to six Fellows, from clinical (e.g. medical, physiotherapy), biological and engineering will be selected via application and interview.

The Fellows will be required to present their research at the Centres and assimilate the work of the Centre through local presentations, lab visits and discussions.  We hope there will also be opportunity for social and cultural interaction.

BORS/BJR Young Investigators International Travelling Fellowship:  BORS and Bone & Joint Research will provide the travel costs to the centres and contribute towards the accommodation and subsistence costs.

Other costs will be the responsibility of the Fellows

BORS will require a written report from the group for the website and presentation of the experience at the 2018 BORS annual meeting.

Eligibility Criteria:
Applicants eligible for the BORS/BJR Travelling Fellowships must be:

•    A member of the British Orthopaedic Research Society and have attended at least one annual meeting.
•    Scientists, engineers, clinicians or health professionals working in musculoskeletal research.
•    Research active within the musculoskeletal field.
•    Registered for, or have completed, a PhD, MD or equivalent higher degree.
•    In the final year of their higher research degree or within a period of 5 years post degree award.
•    An effective communicator. 
•    Able to present at least 2 high quality presentations on different aspects of their work and  
•    Clinician applicants must be at the level of ST2 – ST8 i.e. committed to a career in orthopaedics.

Applications must include 5 labelled Sections:

1.    Written confirmation that the candidate meets the eligibility criteria (see above).
2.    A justification statement as to why they should be selected (1 A4 side only)
3.    Short CV (2 A4 side only)
4.    Abstracts for two presentations that could be given on fellowship (1A4 side only, per abstract)
5.    Written acceptance of the terms of the Fellowship
6.    Supporting reference from current line manager

Applications to be sent to Professor Hamish Simpson c/o Rachel Godfrey (

CLOSING DATE:  14th July 2017

Shortlisted Candidates will be interviewed at or immediately before the 2017 BORS annual meeting
Decisions on fellowship will be made in September 2017.

2016 BORS International Travelling Research Fellowships for Young Investigators

The Scheme involved close collaboration with a number of international centres of excellence in musculoskeletal research and coincided with the iCORS meeting in Xian, China September 2016. We awarded 6 places, which have all been taken up by Iain Murray (Edinburgh),Paul Hindle (Edinburgh), Wayne Nishio Ayre (Cardiff), Harry Hothi (UCL), Alisdair Macleod (Bath) and Sarah Johnson Lynn (Newcastle). Congratulations to those who gained a place on this fellowship, they will be representing BORS on their travels.  Find out more about their exploits.

BORS fellowships 2014:

The 2014 BORS International Travelling Research Fellowships for Young Investigators began at the ORS in New Orleans and travel around the globe for 4 weeks to 4 or 5 centres. The fellowship scheme was made possible by sponsorship from the British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery, publishers of The Bone & Joint Journal, formerly known as JBJS Br.

BORS fellowships 2012:

The BORS 2012 International Travelling Fellows visited: the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York; the Orthopaedic Research Society meeting in San Francisco; University of Sydney and North Shore Hospital, Australia; Hong Kong and Mainland China; and finally Charite University Berlin. Learn more about their exploits


BORS-US fellowships 2009:

The successful applicants were Nicholas Dunne, Jim Huntley, Tom Joyce, Wasim S Khan, Ines Reichert and Sarah Snelling. Check out their exploits on the 2009 Fellowship Blog.


BORS-US fellowships 2007:

The six inaugural BORS-US TRAVELLING FELLOWSHIPS were awarded to Ben Bolland, Susan Clarke, Mark Gaston, Catherine Pendegrass, Andrew Phillips and Sophie Williams.

They travelled together and visited 8 centres in the United States and Canada over a 4 week period. The tour started at the combined ORS meeting in Honolulu October 20-24th 2007. Find out about their exploits at the Travelling Fellows Blog