British Orthopaedic Research Society

The British Orthopaedic Research Society (BORS) is a multidisciplinary association devoted to facilitating collaboration in orthopaedic and musculoskeletal research.


The virtual meeting will use MS Teams. If you are a presenter and have a Teams account through your organisation please register with the email address associated with this. If you do not have a Teams account we will be able to invite you to use MS Teams for BORS 2020.

Presenters have been contacted to let them know whether they are giving a live presentation or a poster presentation. Live presenters will present during one of the live sessions on 7 and 8 September and can submit a visual abstract to advertise their talk. Live presentations will be 7 minutes long, composed of a 5 minute presentation (separate to the visual abstract) and 2 minutes Q&A.

Live presenters will need to download the desktop version of the MS Teams app. We know that some live presenters have had trouble joining live events as a Presenter rather than as an Attendee, and that some people have had trouble sharing their screens through Teams. Please check through the documents and links giving advice below to try to resolve any issues. If you are not able to resolve things you are able to submit a backup video of your presentation (which must be an MP4 file). Please make sure that you include the session and and abstract ID in the file name as well as the file description when you submit (for example: BONE-111.mp4).

Cheat sheets for live and poster presenters:

Links to Microsoft and other advice pages:

BORS 2020 Enquiries: