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Cartilage and Subchondral Bone

Live Presentations

Session 03 | Monday 7 September 13:15 to 15:20
13:15 Session opensID
13:20Quantifying extracellular matrix changes in osteoarthritic human cartilage and subchondral bone using Raman microspectroscopy
Nur Adeelah Che Ahmad Tantowi
13:27Comparison of the interface stability of decellularised scaffolds to natural osteochondral grafts in repair
Marlene Mengoni
13:34Synovial fluid biomarkers for the prediction of patient outcome following microfracture or osteotomy
Charlotte Hulme
13:41Sustained delivery of glutamate receptor antagonists to prevent osteoarthritis
Ben Egan
13:48Three dimensional strain measurement in human articular cartilage
Jeff Clark
13:5520 minute break
14:15Presidential Lecture
14:45Abnormal human chondrocyte morphology and clustering may be related to cell-associated Type-I Collagen: Insights into the phenotypic stability of chondrocytes
Eleanor Kooiman
14:52Upregulation of SOX5, SOX6, SOX9 transcription factors is observed in the co-culture of mesenchymal stromal cells and chondrocytes in normoxic and hypercapnic conditions
Christopher C H Mak
14:59ADAMTS4 and spontaneous non-enzymatic collagen cross-linking – mechanisms of articular cartilage repair
Nicholas Groth Merrild
15:06Multiphasic fibre reinforced cartilage FE models allow accurate through-thickness swelling predictions of articular cartilage
Kinga Czerbak
15:13Investigating the effect and the optimal seeding ratio of an autologous mesenchymal stromal cell and chondrocyte co-culture
Christopher C H Mak
15:20Session closes

Poster Presentations

Synovium-derived mesenchymal stem cell transplantation in cartilage regeneration: a PRISMA review of in vivo studies
Christopher C H Mak
Characterisation of a novel silk reinforced biphasic 3D printed scaffold for osteochondral tissue regeneration
Tom Braxton
Evaluation of rheological properties and shape fidelity of PCL/HA inks for 3D printing of osteochondral tissue scaffolds
Hongyi Chen